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Days that Match Bonatti's Rules of Selling: 2015

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Every year, I compile a list of potential selling dates, and then put them into my desk calendar. This list is prepared from scanning the ephemeris to find possible selling dates using the model of selling from Bonatti and then revised slightly by Ramesey. This model is discussed in: Lehman, J. Lee. The Magic of Electional Astrology. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2015, page 145. While the rules are in my book, I have not included a list of dates.

A number of the dates do not perfectly fit the model (usual because of Moon phase), but they are deemed close enough to use. All dates should be adjusted to produce a timed electional that is appropriate to the nature of the question: this list is designed to expedite the search for these dates.

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