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Monthly Webinar: Chart Fest!

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For the Horary, Medical, and Electional Junkie ---




Now - the webinar for students and professionals alike! Once a month bring your charts: natal, medical, horary, and electional, for discussion! Students and practitioners need examples to learn from, and this is where to get them. Lee will be entertaining all comers - and all charts - in the various areas in which she teaches. If you have ever attended one of Lee's worskshops or classes, you know how much she values examples. And further, what really helps to teach you the method is for you to have to work examples, not just watch them being worked. Lee has these sessions organized so that everyone present will have the chance to develop skills and experience be engaging in active learning. This is not a lecture, but a working session.


ChartFest is held on Monday evenings ince per month, 8-10 pm ET. Check Lee's schedule for the next dates!


Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 14:11

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