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Learning Curve on the Ecliptic
On art, music, books, movies, politics, life - sometimes with astrology thrown in.

  • RANT !
    You remember how it feels after eating too many chocolates, or too much cream cake, too many curly fries? Queasy! That's how I feel reading around the net these days, or watching bits of late-night TV shows, live or via random video clips offered as...whatever. TRUMP! Too much, far too much TRUMP! Queasy! Don't these people realise that, though some repetition assists in embedding an

  • Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State
    A look at the natal chart of the USA's new Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson, noting a few pointers from online sources as to the kind of guy he is, as perceived by those who know him. Two key factors routinely mentioned by commentators are Tillerson's long career in ExxonMobil - at retirement at the end of last year he was the company's CEO; and that, via his Exxon career, he has crafted close

  • Arty Farty Friday ~ Carrie Ann Baade
    Carrie Ann Baade's surreal oil paintings, rich with allegory inspired by literature and art history are peculiar, discomforting but intriguing. The artist's own website, portfolio & archive is HERE. Or, for a quick look at some of her work see The oddly disturbing royal portraits of Carrie Ann Baade by Ann VanderMeer. More examples, in one place, can be seen at the Google Image page HERE As

  • Dennis Kucinich warns us to "Wake up!" (again).
    'Wake Up!': Kucinich Says Intel Community Making 'Unprecedented' Effort to Upend Trump Dennis Kucinich's is one of only two voices I trust in US politics, the other is Bernie Sanders'. Whatever one's views on Donald Trump, Kucinich's words here need to be heard. Do see the video linked above: Dennis Kucinich at Fox News (I know!) with his thoughts on the Mike Flynn affair.

  • A little light sleuthing on "Mike" Flynn's d.o.b.
    News of Michael Flynn's resignation as President Trump's National Security Adviser sent me searching for his date of birth so's to do a quick check on possible astrological correlation. His date of birth, beyond month and year isn't available. "December 1958" in Middletown, Rhode Island is all Wikipedia and other websites reveal. 20th century Ephemeris to the ready, with a piece from The New

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