The Book of Rulerships

The Book of Rulerships

The reference guide to who said what about what rules what.

There have been many works listing astrological rulerships of people, places and things. However, especially in the modern era, it’s been all too easy to mix rulership concepts indiscriminately, resulting in a large number of rulership attributions that skip between all sorts of schools and philosophies: Hellenistic, classical, modern natal, modern horary, cosmobiology, etc. In this work, Lee returns to the classical sources, and not only extracts the rulerships: she also extracts the sources and page references. Only this way can the student of astrology really understand what is going on in this important, but difficult process. This work lists the planet, sign and house rulerships given in eight major classical sources. These listings give not only the astrological attribution, but the specific source and page reference. ¬†An excellent reference to study the history of rulership attributions.

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