Classical Astrology for Modern Living

Classical Astrology for Modern Living

Classical techniques that work as well in a modern context as in an ancient one.

An introduction to classical astrology, emphasizing techniques which can be added to a modern delineation to enhance the accuracy and scope of the reading.

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Why Classical?
Have you forgotten what the Sky looks like at night? The Babylonian Captivity
Elements, Qualities and Triplicities
Historical Context: From the Fall of Rome to the End of the Renaissance
Historical Interlude: The Cyclic New Ages
Essential Dignities
Accidental Dignities
Everything you ever wanted to know about Sect…
The Part of Fortune
When a Quincunx (or Semi-sextile) is not Inconjunct
The Nodal Cycle: from Ptolemy to Rudhyar
What is Mutual Reception, anyway?
The Ancient Medical Model and its Meaning in Wellness & Psychology
Beyond Aspects: How to Read A House
Profections: The Easy Way to Spin the Chart
Appendix. Classical Sources Index