Astrology of Sustainability

Book Description: Astrology of Sustainability

Now you can understand how astrologers comprehend environmental issues of the 21st century. In this ground-breaking work, traditional astrological methods for assessing outer planet cycles, then the full integration of the meanings of the upcoming Neptune and Pluto cycles through 2065, are studied in depth. A full history is presented with over seventy complete examples of how the Aries Ingress charts and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction series were developed to appreciate both short-term and long-term trends. This work does not require prior knowledge of either classical or mundane astrology (however, experience in these areas would be helpful). Discover how the astrological events of 2012 are not as important as future configurations, although it is so important that the configurations are understood now.

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ISBN: 9780764338052
Size: 10 x 7
Illustrations: 99 charts
Pages: 304
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Availability: Jun 2011
Binding: Soft Cover

Table of Contents:

A Word to the Modern Astrologer: Welcome!
Table of Figures and Charts

1. An Introduction to Classical and Not-so-Classical Mundane
2. A Primer of Environmental Science and Concepts
3. The Dance of Neptune and Pluto
4. Incarnation in Matter: Pluto in the Earth Signs
5. The Limits to Growth: Pluto in the Air Signs
6. The Universal Solvent: Pluto in the Water Signs
7. The Long Twilight Struggle: Pluto in the Fire Signs
8. Pluto from Sagittarius to Pisces
9. Summary, Suggestions and Conclusions

Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. Table of Essential Dignities
Appendix C. Further Readings in Environmental Issues
Appendix D. Lilly’s Rules for Shipwrecks

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