Classical Solar Returns

Classical Solar Returns

Solar returns employ the astrological technique of reading the next year’s activity for a chart calculated for when the transiting Sun returns to its natal position. Almost every Western astrologer has tried to use solar returns. However, there have been so many methods proposed, that the beginner in this technique is often bewildered about how to get the core meanings out of this system. Dr. Lehman uses 240 examples, including one example of 11 consecutive returns, and another with 41 consecutive returns, as well as other examples by subject, to illustrate not only the cycles found within solar returns, but how to apply them. Learn about solar returns for relationships, jobs, financial success, children, relocation, education, honors, medical issues, as well as death. Dr. Lehman takes you through the method, the application, and the kinds of issues raised by this method.

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Table of Contents



Table of Charts, Tables and Figures

1. The History of Solar Returns

2. Classical Applications of Solar Returns

3. Solar Returns for Romance and Relationship

4. Solar Returns for Jobs and Money

5. Solar Returns for Having Children

6. Solar Returns for Relocation

7. Solar Returns for Education

8. Solar Returns for Awards and Honors

9. Solar Returns for Medical Problems

10. Solar Returns for Life Changing Years

11. Solar Returns for Death

12. A Life in Solar Returns

13. Conclusion

Appendix A. Synopsis of Classical Concepts

Appendix B. Glossary of Terms

Appendix C. Dignities and Almuten Degrees

Appendix D. Lifetime events summarized for Individuals Cited

Appendix E. Classical Solar Return Aphorisms

Appendix F. Astrological Placements in Solar Return Examples



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