The Magic of Electional Astrology

The Magic of Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology addresses the age-old challenge of creating charts for inceptions, such as the start of an activity or an entity (like a corporation).

Electional is a popular request among astrology clients who often ask for dates and times to start a business, sell a property or car, start a job, a marriage, or an educational program. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Lehman presents the traditional astrological methods for these and many types of events, fully updated to modern life. Find out how to use the ancient rules for warfare to pick a time for a divorce, a strike, or a lockout. Explore events as diverse as running in a marathon, picking a time to execute a medical power of attorney, or filing one’s taxes. This comprehensive book presents a full history, as well as over 113 completed examples detailing how electional astrology charts work. These methods do not require prior knowledge of classical astrology, although it would be helpful.

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Table of Contents



Table of Charts, Tables and Figures

  1. The History of Electional Astrology in the West
  2. Introduction to Electional Practice
  3. When the Natal Chart Denies
  4. The Quick and Dirty Electional
  5. Affairs of the 7th House #1: Relationship Electionals
  6. Affairs of the 7th House #2: Real Estate and Other Buy-Sell Electionals
  7. Affairs of the 7th House #3: Wars, Strikes, Sporting Competitions, & Lawsuits
  8. Job-related Electionals, the Founding of Corporate Entities & Business Electionals.
  9. The Power to Get What You Want
  10. The Logic of Electional: The Wild Card of Magic

Appendix A. Synopsis of Classical Concepts

Appendix B. Glossary of Terms

Appendix C. Dignities and Almuten Degrees

Appendix D. The Lunar Mansions

Appendix E. Data for Shipwrecks

Appendix F. Degree Areas

Appendix G. Sample Grid for Monthly Electional Analysis



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