Why take a course?

You’ve studied astrology for – how long? You know you love it, but try as you might, you just cannot seem to get past going back to the cookbooks. Not that the cookbooks are bad, but don’t you wish you could feel as comfortable with that new chart as the speakers you saw at the last conference? Don’t you wish that that technique you just learned worked as well in the chart that you used as it did in the example you read?

If you’d like to take your astrological knowledge past key words and cookbooks, then we are proud to present multiple choices for study in classical method. Study the basics, and then pick the advanced courses of your choosing.

Lee’s take on adult education? Strictly business! She won’t waste your time on exercises that don’t teach you how to do the method she is presenting. And that is the purpose of a teacher, after all – not to impress you, not to overwhelm you – but to give you an introduction to the material in a way that you leave the course better educated – which means not only knowing more about the material, but being able to ask questions, and explore more on your own. Lee is the recipient of the 2008 Regulus Award in Education: she takes this very seriously!

Lee’s Courses are available on-line! Once you register for a course, you will always have access to the latest version through your user login.

Note: In 2016, Lee has temporarily suspended new registrations in horary and medical while she makes changes to the curriculum.

To view some information about the new course site, and view a sample lesson, log into the following site. When you are at the login screen, log in as a Guest.

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Here are some comments that Lee made on YouTube about the teaching of astrology:


Course Titles

Legalese: Lee’s courses are not substitutes for conventional university, college or vocational study, should you wish to acquire academic or legally-recognized credentials.

Please note: if you are from overseas, and are having trouble with Paypal, please contact Lee: she can take your credit card directly.

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