Lee teaches regularly at:

International Academy of Astrology (on-line and Cleveland, OH):

Midwest School of Astrology (Cincinnati, OH and on-line):

Kepler College (on-line):

She is a guest lecturer at:

The Avalon School of Astrology (online):

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Upcoming Events

Mon 11 July – Fri 15 July 2016
STA Practitioners-Level Horary Course (Toronto, Canada)
Guest Lecturer
Sat (?) Oct 15, 2016
ISAR Conference (Costa Mesa, CA)
Lecture: Lifetime Solar Returns
Mon Oct 17, 2016
ISAR Conference (Costa Mesa, CA)
Post-conference workshop: Astrology and Self Care: Today, as we have recovered more of the historical works in our own field, we now have the background to combine these ancient medical ideas with astrology to design for wellness and stress reduction.
The elements can be combined with astrological herbalism to help us explore lifestyle choices. We will explore methods for stress reduction, and also integrate interior toxicity considerations based on their astrological temperaments. Living well means living smart.
Fri Nov 18, 2016
Breaking Down the Borders Conference (cyberspace)
Horary Astrology: Choosing the Houses
When beginners to horary have problems, the change with which they have the most difficulty is assigning the people in the question to the right houses. In this workshop, we will review how to pick the houses that a question demands.


Book Lee for Your Group – and see how much More You get!

Lee can speak to your group in so many ways!

Lee is committed to astrological education – wherever and whenever. However, education doesn’t always fit neatly into short blocks of time.


Her writing schedule precludes long tours, but she is happy to work with an extended weekend format.

Lee’s Speaking Formats include:

  • Evening session (1.5 – 3 hour)
  • Full day workshops
  • Two day workshops
  • Friday night – Sunday format

These are the topics that Lee can speak about for your group.

Once she has spoken to your group, often a group of your members will get excited and want to study the material further. Lee can still work with your members after the event – with online study groups.

Here’s the deal. Say, Lee did a weekend workshop on medical, and a group of your members want to set up a group to continue to study medical, or to practice with charts. Or, you group selected one of Lee’s evening talks, but really wanted three, or five, or seven other topics as well.

We set up an online group. You set the curriculum: whether a series of topics from Lee’s courses, or some of Lee’s regular lectures. Or even charts nights, where Lee can structure the study and participate. Your organization guarantees a certain number of attendees at a discounted subscription rate. If your guarantee is less than 15 seats, then Lee may sell additional seats in the community at a higher price. Then the online symposium runs – for 3 or more sessions, something like, the first Monday of every month. At the end of the subscription, you have the option to set up another.

What does my group get out of these online seminars?

  • Quality programming in specialty areas where your group might not be able to afford bringing in a speaker to cover these areas thoroughly
  • Name recognition, as Lee will use a banner from your group to advertise your seminar to sell seats, and also during the class itself
  • The ability to have solid instructional material any time of year, including times where you might not normally have lectures
  • A price structure that does not include transportation, food, lodging, or the other items which can make having internationally recognized speakers an occasional luxury, instead of a regular opportunity
  • The satisfaction that you are participating in a format which is greener than the regular type

And One Special Format: The Emergency Substitution!

All groups experience it sooner or later: for many unfortunate reasons, your speaker may not be able to make your meeting, and you may find out on very short notice. If Lee happens to be free that night, she can arrange an on-line hook-up with your group, if you can provide a computer and a screen projector. You arrange payment, and bang! You’ve got a speaker! If you want, you can even have a choice of two or three lecture topics that your group can pick from – right on the spot! The talks on Lee’s topics list that have asterisks are the ones that can be available at very short notice.

Want to schedule Lee for a workshop or class? Contact her at:

(828) 713-0535 or

Lee’s Speaking Topics

Lee is available on a limited basis to speak to groups in either an evening, full-day, or weekend workshop. These are some of her titles and topics.

Lectures (1½ – 3 hours)

Truth Be Told! Telling the truth in a chart is more than Mercury-Neptune! In this workshop we discuss natal, horary, and electional – and philosophy too, because capturing truth in a chart also means asking the question: what is truth? In horary, the generic question type is: is the rumor true? Here, we discuss broader applications of this idea, as well as natal interactions with information and its interpretation. This lecture presents the horary techniques for answering the generic question, “Is the rumor true?” Along with this, certain markers for truthfulness on the part of the person asking the question will also be reviewed.

The Nexus of Electional Astrology and Magic: During the Arabic and Latin Medieval periods, a portion of electional astrology was stripped from astrology and afterwards was only found in magical texts. This transfer of methods allowed electional astrology to remain barely acceptable in practice, although it was officially interdicted by the Catholic Church. What was lost was the complete system of medical remedial measures that paralleled the Vedic system, as well as much practical knowledge for picking effective times for inceptions. This lecture explores these ideas which, if recovered into electional astrology, give the astrologer more powerful results.

Translation, Reception, and Collection: Planetary Interactions beyond Aspects: Aspects are the lifeblood of understanding dynamic action through time. However, the ancient astrological world saw the development of other systems to understand how planets dance with each other. These alternate methods add new stories to the ways planets encounter each other, and so weave yet more detail into the tapestry of planetary action and function.

 A Brief History of the Soul in Western Astrology: Astrology’s close linkage with natural philosophy meant that the development of ways to examine the soul in astrology first followed philosophical ideas, and then medical ones. Lee will examine these two different approaches, and their astrological signatures. In the end, you’ll discover that common sense isn’t what you think it is.

The Prediction of Doom and Gloom: It is stunning how often people are convinced that they are witnessing either the end of times, or a transition to a new order. Conversely, astrologers, and other future predictors, often miss the big ones, like astrologers missing the beginning of World War II. In this lecture, Lee discusses how our own beliefs about the world impact our ability to predict the future, and shows how we can use the past to help us identify important trigger times in the future.

The Astrology of Sustainability: In order to understand the coming events of the next fifty years, we have to also understand the environmental stresses of Pluto going through Saturn’s signs. This lecture presents a history of those events, and how it will apply as we move forward.

Real Estate Questions in a Real Estate Slump: For a while, it seemed like anybody could make money at real estate. Not so today. This lecture reviews the major horary and electional issues in examining real estate questions. There are better times to buy and sell, and even if this is a buyer’s market, there are still a lot of lemons out there.

When the Chart Says “No”: If we are honest about it, the old cartoon, “If my natal chart were a horary, the answer would be no!” is true. This fact should not be disturbing to us as astrologers, but instead, should be the demonstration for why our craft is so needed to understand life. A statement of “no” is merely the realization that we need to think outside the box to get a “yes.” Join Lee for this mind-bending exploration of how we trip ourselves up on the way to our free will.

Introduction to Medical Astrology: In order to do medical, the astrologer needs to be able to combine natal techniques with electional ones. In this introduction to the field, we examine the intrinsic susceptibilities to disease from the natal chart, and examine the method of ascertaining a plan for the Native to maintain health.

Classical Temperament and Modern Wellness: The ancient medical analysis of temperament has practical applications in designing lifestyle practices which support well being. Astrological indicators can be used to compute the proper mix or balance for the individual.

Wealth: The 2nd House & Lifetime Financial Planning: Classical astrology has specific methods to examine how matters of a house change over time. This lecture considers one of the most practical applications: how to use this technique to develop a lifetime financial plan.

Solar Returns: A Classical Approach: Solar Returns were one of the techniques that classical astrologers used to predict future events, but their methodology differed somewhat from modern method. Here we examine the use of Solar Returns to evaluate the significance of particular years, and the themes they present.

Longevity: Can we predict it, and what do we do with it? The classical method for studying longevity was to compute the Hyleg, and then, with some other factors, calculate a length of life in years. This seems unsatisfactory in a modern setting, because average lifespans have changed so much since then. In this lecture, we discuss these methods, and se what conclusions we can draw about how to use this system to help enhance longevity, rather than giving a futile death sentence.

The Nodal Cycle: From Ptolemy to Rudhyar: Rudhyar and Ruperti discussed the Moon’s cycle of latitude, which requires no calculation except visual inspection of the chart. Yet it yields fascinating information about how the individual interacts with ideas and the world. This analysis clarifies Ptolemy’s and other ancient authors’ interpretation of the nodal cycle, and explains why the squares to the Nodes are so important.

The Logic of Electional: To many astrologers, the rules of electional astrology seem clear enough, but the process of actually sitting down and applying them seems opaque. This lecture focuses on how to approach the ephemeris to find what you want for a particular electional. It also shows some tricks for finding the Ascendant that you want.

Using Horary for Relationship and Job Questions: This lecture introduces the classical style in horary examples which utilize the movement of planets to produce a result, namely perfection. Relationship and job electional techniques are also discussed.

Using Astrology to Win in Conflict and Negotiation: The rules of warfare that have been developed through horary and electional astrology can be applied to any potential conflict situation, including divorce, the sale of a company, or making a deal. Through the use of event interpretation, you can counsel your client in how to encourage a successful negotiation.

The Part of Fortune: Its History and Use: This lecture examines the ideas that have been advanced behind the meaning and use of the Part of Fortune, including the question of which way to calculate it for persons born at night. We will also examine how to use Fortuna as the starting point for an alternate house system.

The Cycles of the New Ages: The “New Age” is not a new concept: in fact, there have been at least three others since the 1750’s. This lecture discusses the history of New Age periods, how subsequent ones link the previous ones, the mundane astrology of these periods, what sociological characteristics are necessary for a New Age to occur, and the difference between positive and negative New Age periods.

Classical Mundane Techniques: Most of the attention which has been paid to classical astrology has been either in natal or horary. However, the classical methods of interpreting mundane events – eclipses, major conjunctions, lunations, ingresses, charts of countries or rulers, and events – are still used by modern mundane practitioners. Find out what the classical spin is for these techniques as we explore how to predict the flow of events.

How would William Lilly look at Pluto? Have you ever wondered how William Lilly might look at Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto? The astrologers who invented our modern interpretation of the Outer Planets did not understand much of classical astrology. Uranus was added to astrological interpretation without consideration of whether there were more undiscovered planets, and what this would mean. This lecture presents a philosophical approach to the meaning of Outer Planets without losing the power of traditional Astrology.

Sporting Events: The way to pick a winner depends on the dynamics of the sport in question. This lecture considers what factors produce different winning signatures. It also takes up a number of factors which sporting statistics can address, such as the magnitude of the relocation effect.

Tracing the Influences on Renaissance Astrology: There are better ways to trace who influenced whom than by reading biographies. In this lecture, the patterns of influence are examined by following the transmission of natural rulership attributions.

 The Soul, Mercury and the Moon: the Mind/Memory Interface: This lecture traces the history of the concept of soul as its developed in philosophy and medicine, and its relationship to the interpretation of Mercury and the Moon, which includes how the native learns, and what experiences will be retained in memory.

Predicting Homosexuality from the Horoscope: A Review: This lecture reviews the astrological theories of homosexuality and evaluates them using logical and statistical techniques. In addition to a considerable discussion of the subject matter, the lecture provides an illustration of the application of probability to astrology.

1-2 Day Workshops

One Day Electional Astrology: learning the traditional rules of electional astrology can be a lengthy process, in part because most works assume that the electional astrologer has already mastered horary. However, there are a small number of very direct techniques which can be used for perhaps 70% of all electionals, from a job interview, to making phone calls for gain, for timing presentations or rituals, to incorporating a business. The more conventional electional should be used for surgery or other dangerous procedures, or long-lasting electional like marriage. The great advantage of this quicker electional system is that, not only can it be learned through a simple series of procedures, but it does not require delpt knowledge of traditional astrology in order to apply it.

Essential and Accidental Dignities: This workshop considers the material from the rulership and “Sky” lectures above in considerable depth. It is basically a study of the relationship between planetary placement by sign, degree and house and the intrinsic functioning of that planet. This system shows the difference between the concepts of strength and affinity, and thereby re-examines the recent idea of the twelve letter alphabet. The different kinds of essential dignities – Rulership, Exaltation, Triplicity, Term and Face – are discussed, as well as the detriments and peregrine planets. Both the traditional accidental dignities, such as angularity and retrogradation, and the Hellenistic concepts, like diurnal and nocturnal, are presented and explained.

Herbalism & Medical Astrology: The Twin Systems of Traditional Medicine: In this weekend we examine how medical astrology developed as a system within traditional medicine to both predict the course of disease, and to correlate herbs as potential curative agents based on their astrological rulerships and elemental relationship. We will examine the theory behind the choice of herbs, how different societies approached herbal preparations, the system of rating the potency of herbs (and how that correlates with their astrological rulerships), and how the elements were also used to understand other medical treatment protocols. We shall study how the medical work of the great Arabic physician Avicenna has been used historically and in modern times as a basis for understanding the disease process, and how this understanding of elements provides the basis for a do-it-yourself system of wellness.

The Development of Astrological Techniques: Because there was a hiatus in (English- speaking) astrological practice during the 18th Century, most of our astrological concepts were garbled to a greater or lesser extent by the 19th Century astrologers who rescued astrology from its moribund state. We are in a good position to reclaim the original modes of practice of many of these techniques. This workshop includes information about the historical use of house and house-like systems, essential dignities, planetary cycles, and zodiacs. In addition to presenting a historical survey, examples will be given of how to integrate these ancient methods into modern practice.

Classical Solar Returns: This workshop presents the theory and practice of solar returns, beginning with its historical variations, but mainly focusing on and hands-on approach to give participants the opportunity to leave the workshop feeling confident in the use of solar return methodology. Here we examine the use of Solar Returns to evaluate the significance of particular years, and the themes they present, as well as the use of multiple consecutive solar returns to understand the flow of time over longer time intervals than a year. We will also examine common life themes and how they look in solar returns.

Classical Horary Methods: This workshop is an introduction to the classic method of doing horary. It begins, as does horary, with a consideration of what constitutes the moment of a question, and how best to ask a question. It is designed to intersperse techniques with example horaries. Included among the techniques are: classical planet and house rulerships, essential dignities, orbs, perfection, destruction of the Question, the Part of Fortune, and whether the Chart is fit to be judged.

Classical Electional Methods: Electional astrology is the real test of the practitioner’s mastery of interrogatory method. This workshop presents techniques with example charts of electionals and events. Key to understanding electional is to understand the flow of events: how often it is possible to compensate for difficult astrological configurations by teasing out a sequence of events which maximizes the potential success. The session will aso show how to make an electional look like the desired result.

Classical Natal Methods: There are two possible approaches to the incorporation of classical method into natal delineation: either we can attempt to replicate the style of delineation used in a prior era, or we can choose to incorporate particular classical techniques into a modern delineation. In this workshop, we will do the latter, and learn which classical techniques can add the most bang for the buck in natal consultations.

Electional Astrology and Event Interpretation: Electional Astrology and Event Interpretation are both branches of Interrogatory Astrology. This workshop examines what kinds of events can be elected or interpreted, and provides as examples matters primarily of the 1st and 7th Houses: marriages, relationships, real estate, contests, and labor actions.

Relationship Analysis: This workshop illustrates every way from soup to nuts to compare two or more charts with each other. We will cover the ways to study relationships through synastry (aspect comparison), the Davison time-space chart, the composite chart, asteroids, and charts for significant times in the relationship. In addition, we will learn how to interpret relationship horaries, and some of the rules for electing a marriage chart, or other significant time in a relationship.

Medical Astrology: We begin by studying wellness: what is the best way for each individual to stay healthy through diet, exercise, and life style. We then consider how transits, profections, progressions, or other dynamic chart movement can impact the body, and whether particular patterns are likely to lead to disease. We then consider what makes a successful surgery chart, and examine some examples of charts for when people have manifested illnesses in order to learn how to diagnose the severity of the problem, ideas for treatment, prognosis, and whether their health care provider is doing a good job.

Achieving Astrological Mastery: Sad but true: many people study astrology for decades and never find that they are comfortable reading a chart on their own. It is as if they are perpetual beginners, searching for the technique that will allow everything to suddenly click into place. Lee thinks that what is often really happening is that the way most of us learn astrology isn’t conducive to giving people what they need to get beyond a beginner stance.

In this workshop, Lee presents a teaching system to take people past the bottlenecks that have prevented them from utilizing the astrological richness that they already know. This is not a workshop designed for only people who use classical astrology. This is designed to teach anyone to use her or his techniques more efficiently and comfortably. Lee presents a model for learning, and then shows how to apply it to astrology. What do you do when you get conflicting indicators? What are your goals in the reading? Can you predict everything about a person’s life from astrology, and, if not, where are the limits and contours? What do you need to know besides astrology to help a client? Creating the “short list.” Do different types of readings call for different techniques? The interface of mundane with personal.

Horary Until You Drop: For the real horary junkie, Lee briefly outlines the method for each kind of horaries, and then sets you loose as everyone digs in to example after example after example.


Cosmic Patterns Software

The Cosmic Patterns family of programs allows you to start with Pegasus and work your way up, with reasonable upgrade prices that don’t make you feel like you’re paying extra for what you already have.

The Cosmic patterns atlas in Sirius and Kepler has superior time zone look-ups compared to most software available in North America.

Sirius 1.3:

The premier software from Cosmic Patterns.

Sirius outgrew its Kepler roots when so many components were added, including:

  • Hellenistic, Classical and Traditional methods
  • Enhanced Vedic methods
  • Larger combinations of modern methods
  • More sophisticated visualizations and animations

And while you’re at it — Consider Who Wins

This is an upgrade to Sirius for predicting the outcomes for team sports games that Lee created based on the castle besiegement model of Bonatti. (Read about the model here).

Kepler 7:

The Kepler program provides a comprehensive set of tools that is useful for a wide range of interests. Whether your interest is learning astrology, research, advanced techniques, beautiful graphics, or having attractive chart wheels and accurate interpretations, Kepler can deliver what you need.

Note: The Kepler program shares with Sirius the same time changes module that is state-of-the-art: the more accurate system for checking world time zones.


Pegasus is similar to the Kepler program, but has fewer features. Pegasus is like a “mini Kepler” program. The price of Pegasus is $100, and the price of Kepler is $300. If you do not need all of the features of KEPLER, then it makes sense to save $200 and purchase Pegasus instead of Kepler.

Suppose that you decide to purchase Pegasus, and later you decide that you wish to purchase Kepler. Pegasus owners can upgrade to Kepler for $225, instead of paying the full price of $300. Most of the cost of your Pegasus program is deducted from the purchase of Kepler if you decide to upgrade to Kepler at any time after purchasing Pegasus.

Please note that all software ships directly from Cosmic Patterns, to insure that you have the latest upgrades. Their shipping rates are somewhat different from the usual rates

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Sirius 1.3

The top of the line product for “Sirius” professionals and students

Sirius Options

Who Wins Upgrade for Sirius $150

This is Lee’s implementation of the Bonatti castle besiegement model for determining the outcome of team sports games. Requires Sirius, and comes with a database of football games.

Lee’s Training Cd: Sirius for Solar Fire Users $15
Lee’s training cd is designed to help astrologers who are used to Solar Fire navigate and take advantage of the many features of Sirius.
Kepler Version 7
The Kepler program provides a comprehensive set of tools that is useful for a wide range of interests. This is for intermediate students and beginning professionals, or professionals with specialized practices.

Kepler 7 Options

Pegasus Beginning Astrology Software $100
If you do not need all of the features of KEPLER, then it makes sense to save $200 and purchase Pegasus instead of Kepler.

Please note: if you are from overseas, and are having trouble with Paypal, please contact Lee: she can take your credit card directly.

2026 South Toe River Road, Burnsville NC 28714

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Imperial Astrologer

Would you like to learn and apply Chinese astrology, but don’t know where to start? Do we have a program for you! Not only is the Imperial Astrologer a fully functional stand-alone program, it is also fully compatible with Solar Fire 6 (or Deluxe) – it can even be viewed directly from the Solar Fire menu! Now you can learn Chinese astrology and use your existing chart files to do it!

Chinese astrology, like Western astrology has a lot of depth. Just using the so-called zodiac sign in Chinese astrology is at least as basic – and simplistic – as the Western popular usage of just the Sun Sign.

Actually, Chinese astrology is a primarily lunar-based system (thereby somewhat more like Vedic or Hellenistic astrology) with its own system of lunar mansions. It is intimately connected to many of the same principles as Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What is your basic nature according to Chinese Astrology?
This exciting new software enables you to view and print your own Chinese Four Pillar Analysis and Interpretations report. This fully integrated one-page report incorporates the mode, element and animal energies of your hour, day, month and year pillars.

What is your destiny in this life?
The Imperial Astrologer tells you your fate according to your own Tzu Wei Dou Shu chart with interpretation text for each of your fate palaces. Now you can know your own Property Palace, Fortune Palace, Marital Palace, Wealth Palace and more\u2026.

Is this a lucky day? The Imperial Astrologer displays the fortune of the day on the front screen. You can read whether or not it is a good day for weddings or travel, or make big plans or small steps and more\u2026.

Calculations and Interpretations can be viewed on screen, exported to PDF and printed for further consideration.

Other calculations include:

  • Lifetime Fate Map
  • Lifetime Fate Cycle
  • Event Fate Cycle
  • Fate Event Charts

You can also read our Tutorial to learn more about the different components of Chinese Astrology.

The Imperial Astrologer has been created by Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd.

The interpretation reports have been written by Western Astrologer Malvin Artley. Malvin Artley has been a practising astrologer for the past 25 years. He is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His special interests are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism. He has done extensive work with Chinese astrology.

Computer Requirements

Processor: Pentium or higher
Operating System: Windows 95*, 98, ME, NT4*, 2000, XP
Disk Space: at least 50 MB free disk space
Memory: 32 MB RAM or more
Screen Size: 640×480 or higher
Pointer: A mouse or other screen pointing device is required
Internet: Connection required to obtain program updates or to register on-line

* Windows 95 must have Internet Explorer v3.02 or higher installed in order to use the on-line help.
* Windows NT4 must have Service Pack 6 or higher installed in order to run the installation.

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The Imperial Astrologer ($ 135.00)
Would you like to learn and apply Chinese astrology, but don’t know where to start? Do we have a program for you! Not only is the Imperial Astrologer a fully functional stand-alone program, it is also fully compatible with Solar Fire 6 and up – it can even be viewed directly from the Solar Fire menu! Now you can learn Chinese astrology and use your existing chart files to do it!
Astrotides ($ 75.00)
Personal lunar cycles, as well as the mundane lunar cycles in the world, show how important the affects of the Moon’s rhythms influence us in everyday life.
Asteroid Add-on for Solar Fire v5 or v6 ($ 85.00): Solar Fire Version 5 owners who love asteroids will enjoy this add-on. It features 10,000+ Asteroid Ephemerides, plus 29 pre-selected Asteroid Topic Groups all for use in Solar Fire version 5. And, of course, Solar Fire’s existing filing system means that you can create your own personal files with Asteroids relevant to your own life!
Book of World Horoscopes ($75.00): Nicholas Campion is one of the world’s foremost exponents of mundane astrology. He now offers his Book of World Horoscopes on CD.

His epic collection of national horoscopes, based on 15 years of research, is available to you for instant access any one of these charts in Solar Fire, Solar Writer, Solar Maps, Solar Spark or JigSaw.


Please note: if you are from overseas, and are having trouble with Paypal, please contact Lee: she can take your credit card directly.

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Solar Writer

The Astrology Report Writers from Esoteric Technologies – Now in Version 3. All programs work with Solar Fire or as stand-alone programs.

This innovative series is by a number of different authors skilled in their particular fields. The list below features the programs Lee has written (Classical and Medicus) , along with some of the most popular. There is a complete list at the bottom.

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More reports


Featured Solar Writer Reports Available:

Solar Writer Classical ($ 265.00)

Written by J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D. This report was written to teach classical astrology methods to the modern astrologer by showing some of the components that would be included in a classical delineation. These include: Dignities and debilities, the Ruler of the Geniture, the Sign of the Ascendant Ruler, the Affairs of each House, Planets in Signs, the temperament type, peregrine planets and their meanings, and more. There is a special sub-report on temperament to be given to clients which discusses diet and lifestyle issues for health. Download sample report (174 k)

Solar Writer Medicus ($ 265.00)

Written by J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D. Ever looked in an old book on medical astrology and noticed all those aphorisms about the prognosis of the disease and the likelihood of recovery? This report was constructed from over 1,200 aphorisms, to allow you to view the ones that apply to any one medical horary or event. Download sample report (117 k)

Solar Writer Fixed Stars($ 265.00)

Written by Diana K. Rosenberg. This report includes: An introduction to the use of fixed stars in astrological interpretation, Your Stars \u2014 Interpretations of the stars in your birth chart listed in zodiacal order. The placement of each star and celestial object is described within its constellation, and includes a description of each planet and chart point as well as new insights and interpretations of each starset’s nature, strengths and relevance to your birth chart along with physical and psychological manifestations. Points include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, South Node, the Ascendant and Midheaven. View sample report here.

Solar Writer Modern ($ 265.00)

Written by Stephanie Johnson This report was written to either give to your clients, or provide you with a tutorial on modern methods. The major sections of the report are: Life Goals, Home, Education and Communication, Relationships, Motivation, Career, Creativity and Originality, Challenges in Life, Purpose And Joy, and Conclusion. You can choose to produce Only certain sections, and you can also modify the text To more closely match your own needs. Comes with illustrations which you can either choose to print, or omit. Download sample report (736 k)

Solar Writer Synastry ($ 265.00)

Written by Stephanie Johnson This report is specially designed to unravel the complexities of interpersonal relationships and to present a clear and easy-to-understand report for personal use, or to be given or sold to friends, family or clients. The report includes information on each individual\u2019s own 7th House planets and Venus, as well as synastry aspects between all ten planets, the Ascendant, Chiron and the North Node. The report includes four sections on individual relating traits, personal issues in the relationship, primary forces in the relationship, and generational values. It is designed primarily for intimate relationships. Comes with illustrations which you can either choose to print, or omit.

Solar Writer Zodiac Child ($ 265.00)

Written by Stephanie Johnson This is the report that you give to those proud parents of a newborn child. It has the following sections: Introduction, Family and Friends (Moon and Venus in the signs and houses), Talents and Schooling (Sun and Mercury in the signs and houses), and Goals (Ascendant and Mars in the sign and houses), Childhood Journey (aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). Comes with illustrations which you can either choose to print, or omit. Available in Spanish: two languages for the price of one! View a sample report.

Solar Writer Star Matchmaker ($ 265.00)

Written by Stephanie Johnson. Star MatchMaker is a unique relationship report based on the work of Sepharial. This report is aimed at those who would like to consider a relationship from the point of view of marriage viability. Interpretations are written and scores given for different marriage indicators in two people’s charts. Planets in the 7th House of each person are analysed, as well as each person’s synastry between the Sun and Moon for compatibility, and Venus and Mars for sexual attraction. Download sample report (174 k)

Solar Writer Pets ($ 265.00)

Written by Stephanie Johnson. This report provides a brief interpretation report for your pet. This short and beautifully illustrated report outlines your pet’s personality, health and lifestyle needs and suitable owners including interpretations of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sign. You do not need to know the exact time of birth for your beloved pet. Download sample report (117 k)

Solar Writer Angel($ 265.00)

Text by Stephanie Clement with an emphasis on Neptune in the chart. The report contains: Angels of the Cardinal Directions, Your Most Powerful Angelic Connections (Neptune in Sign, House and Decanate), Angels in Your Daily Life (The Ascendant, Midheaven, Neptune Ruled House and Sun Sign), Interacting with Angels (Neptune Aspects including Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares, Trines, Sextiles, Semi-sextiles, Semi-squares, Sesqui-squares, Inconjunct and Quintiles), and Glossary. View Sample report here.

Solar Writer Goddess($ 265.00)

Text by Brian Clark and Stephanie Johnson. The mystery and power of 12 goddesses are revealed in this 45-page ground-breaking report helping you to discover your true potential. You can read about the mythology of 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house of your birth chart. The report contains mythology, house and sign intepretations of: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno, Vesta, Hygieia, Ariadne, Europa, Pandora, Mnemosyne, Hecate, Cassandra, and Medea. View sample report here.

Solar Writer Vocation($ 265.00)

Written by Brian Clark. This report provides an in-depth insight into the soul’s expression through career. The reports contains: Vocation and Destiny (The Lunar Nodes), Vocation and Direction (The Ascendant and Angular Planets), Vocation and Character – (The Sun and Moon), Income (The 2nd House Cusp and Planets in the 2nd House), Work (6th House Cusp and Planets in the 6th House), Profession (MC and Planets in the 10th House, Planets conjunct and opposite the Midheaven). View a sample report here.

Solar Writer Kindred Spirits ($ 265.00)

Written by Brian Clark. This report provides an in-depth insight into relationships. This world-leading astrologer shares his insights into our first budding relationships with our family, through to associations with friends and peers, and ultimately our significant adult bonds. This includes: Lunar Legacies: In the Beginning was Family (the Moon in the Signs, Aspects to the Moon and planets in the 4th House), Primary Patterns of Relationship (Sign on the 3rd House Cusp, Planets in the 3rd House), Friends, Acquaintances and Colleagues (Signs on the 11th House Cusp, Planets in the 11th House), Equality and Partnership (Signs on the 7th House Cusp, Planets in the 7th House), Pleasure, Passion and Love (Venus and Mars in the Signs), Crossing Paths (Nodes in the Houses). View Sample report here

Solar Writer Dynamic($ 265.00)

Written by Stephanie Johnson As we all know, the wisdom of hindsight is a great thing – but can we choose how we respond to the events in our lives with the wisdom of foresight? Solar Writer/Dynamic outlines the major transits occurring in a person’s life. The time period is user selectable: either a year (or other amount of time) from a fixed starting date, of from today’s date. Includes all planets from Jupiter on out (plus Chiron) to all planets, Chiron, the Ascendant, Midheaven and Nodes. Aspects are selectable, and the report can be edited. Download sample report (350 k)

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The Perennial Herbal

vineWhat Would Culpeper Do?

Have you begun to explore the astrological rulerships of plants?Chances are, you’ve seen them mentioned in works on medical botany or in lists of rulerships. If you’ve read Lilly, or Bonatti, you’ve seen attributions of plant rulerships. When Lee Lehman was compiling The Book of Rulerships, she didn’t stop there. Lee has a PhD in botany, and so immediately, she was interested in extending the database of rulerships into other realms. The Perennial Herbal is the fruit of that work – a project of over twenty years.
Lee has created a guide to the plants referenced by classical astrological works, including information about how both ancient and modern sources have used these plants – traditionally and homeopathically. This work contains a glossary of medical botanical terms.
But why the name Perennial Herbal? Because Lee will probably not the done with this work for a long time! She wanted a reference that she could continue to update, and where her readers would not get stuck in old editions. So the Perennial herbal lives on the web – you subscribe once, and continue to have access to the latest information. How cool is that?
On the site of the Perennial Herbal, there are some articles that you can view for free. Subscribers have access to the complete blog, and to all the reference material there. To go to the site, click here.

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Learning with Lee Instructional cd’s – Individual cd’s

Welcome to this listing of all the Learning with Lee cd’s that have been issued, with a brief description of their content. The graphics shown are from the actual cd’s.

01 Essential Dignities: This cd is necessary to the understanding of all the Learning with Lee cd’s. It certainly doesn’t cover all the material in Lee’s book, Essential Dignities, but it does take the concept of the five dignities and show you how it works in a real application. It covers all five essential dignities, plus the idea of peregrine, and then applies these dignities to natal chart examples to see how they apply.

02 Lifetime Financial Planning: This cd takes you through two ideas: (1) how to look generally at three major periods of life, according to the methods of Abraham ibn Ezra, and (2) how to examine multiple houses for ideas for different ways to make money besides earning it. This process is especially useful in working with client concerning their retirement, and especially how much they can expect to make while being retired.

03 25 Relationship Horaries: This cd focuses on just one type of horary: but it’s a popular one! The method here is learning by example, as 25 relationship horaries are delineated, showing something of the range of variations in the questions asked. There is also discussion of 5th house (primarily sexual) relationships vs. marriage and intimate relationships. Note: the chart shown here is smaller in order to reduce loading time, but does not reflect the clarity in the actual presentations.

04 Pluto. The Moment of Truth: It might seem that Pluto would show up as a topic of a classical series, but this cd explores both some of Lee’s insights into the meaning of Pluto, but also how a classicist can approach the use of bodies that earlier classicists never had the chance to study.

05 Solar Returns: Solar returns used to be called revolutions, and the proper understanding of this word in its historical context is one of the keys to learning the classical method of using solar returns. However, perhaps the most important piece of learning classical revolutions is to break the biwheel habit, and look at the chart as a chart, and not as a derivative of the nativity.

06 Logic of Electional: Oftentimes, the hardest thing about electional astrology is getting started in the first place. This cd doesn’t discuss the rules for electional (such as: what are the rules for marriage electionals, or putting a house up for sale) as much as the system that applies to all electionals. This includes such factors as how to read the ephemeris to scan for good times, how a chart needs to match the nature of the electional, and so forth.

07 Rendering: Rendering is the English word for the return of virtue, the opposite of donation of virtue. Specifically, this refers to situations in which a planet combust or retrograde is not in as bad condition as one would expect from its accidental debility. The concept is also the flip side of reception.

08 The Soul Significator, or Signifier of Spirit: This cd takes you through two concepts: (1) how the traditional ideas concerning the nature of the soul can be applied to understand the mind and its astrological components, and (2) how two planets that do not otherwise aspect can operate together through the offices of a mediator planet.

09 The Annotated Edlin (Saturn and Mars), Part One: This is part one of two, and the two collectively represent the first reprinting of Richard Edlin since the 17th Century. This work on the Mars-Saturn conjunction is a major mundane treasure, because it provides the reader with the traditional theories for major conjunction in general, and the Mars-Saturn in particular. In Part 1, Lee introduces the context of the major conjunctions, and discusses these with regard to the weather. She even presents some quantitative data that suggest that there really might be something to this… The text begins, and Lee makes some running commentary to explain some of the more archaic references.

10 The Annotated Edlin (Saturn and Mars), Part Two: This is part two of two, and the two collectively represent the first reprinting of Richard Edlin since the 17th Century. This work on the Mars-Saturn conjunction is a major mundane treasure, because it provides the reader with the traditional theories for major conjunction in general, and the Mars-Saturn in particular. In Part 2, the remainder of the text is presented, and then Lee works some modern charts.

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11 Apoklima. The Technique You already Know: The apoklima is a hellenistic reference to the 12th sign relationship of one planet to another. Many modern astrologers learned some approximation of this technique, but here you get the original references, and Lee’s ideas for how we can apply it – as she does in a large number of chart examples.

12 The 5th House in Medical Astrology: The 5th House is probably not the House you think of first when you think of medical. Lee walks you through Richard Saunder’s system of examining the liver using the 5th House, and how this applies to the digestive processes as they were understood in galenic medicine.

13 When the Houses Changed: Once the meanings of the houses was stabilized in the late Hellenistic period, the major debates centered on house system calculations, not meaning. However, in the 19th Century this consensus on meaning began to break down. Lee discusses this change – and why it happened.

14 The Relative Speed of the Planets: The Babylonians used the relative speed of the planets as part of their system of classifying the condition of a planet. These ideas link the concepts of speed, retrogradation and combustion into one system. Learn how this works, and how to apply it.

15 The Eleventh House: This house is enigmatic in that few astrologers even use it consistently. (How many questions have you gotten about friends recently??) Lee suggests that a major reason for this underutilization is because astrologers left behind one of the major uses of this house when they stopped speaking Greek.

16 The Afflicted 7th House: Even if you don’t have a passion for historical romances, it may have struck you that relationships now work in different ways than when marriage wasn’t just the norm, but the be-all and end-all. Lee uses this cd to explain how to use the logic of classical method to explore the varieties of the relationships as they occur in the present day.

17 Avicenna on Temperaments: It’s hard to really understand how to apply the concepts of astrology to traditional medicine without understanding traditional medicine! Here, Lee takes you through the theory of Galenism as enunciated by Avicenna, one of the most influential of the Medieval Arabs.

18 Avicenna Applied: This cd follows directly on #17 to take the theory as discussed by Avicenna applied to understanding the medical nuggets in the nativity. Each case is examined in detail, showing the multiple medical approaches to a single chart.

15, plus $5 shipping).

19 When Zodiacs Collide: This information came from Lee’s experience of teaching horary in concert with Dennis Harness teaching prasna. In the Vedic system (much like the Western), zero degrees rising is a weak point. Does one zodiac bleed into the other? Find out on this cd.

20 Mundane Directions. The Sibly Chart of the USA: There has been much talk of the Sagittarius rising chart for the US, with Sibly as the proposed author. Find out what Sibly actually said, and also examine one of the older methods of timing mundane charts: directions.

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21 Conflict: How do you work with war charts? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as astrologers, we could forget how to do this? Lee shows how to look at multiple battles within a single conflict, and “isolated” military actions.

22 The Gift of Nature: The early Arab astrologers worked out a series of different techniques based on planets disposing each other. This represents yet another such usage, as a supplement to the material in 07 Rendering.

23 Angularity: Hellenistic and Medieval astrology rated angularity so highly that it could make up for many other kinds of debility. A planet cadent was either bad or nonfunctional. How well do these ideas work in our culture?

24 The Cadent Houses in Horary: In horary astrology, debilities are often seemingly emphasized more than dignities, perhaps because debility can destroy a question, whereas dignity alone can seldom clinch a positive outcome. This cd can be considered a continuation of 23 Angularity in exploring this important question of Quadruplicity.

25 Uranus and the Origin of Modern Rulerships: How did Uranus come to be associated with the sign Aquarius? This cd outlines the discovery of uranus, the attempts by contemporary astrologers to understand the meaning of Uranus, and how the astrologers of the 19th century built on thse early ideas, as well as debating whether Uranus should have a rulership at all.

26 The Astrology of Homeopathy: We know from Cornell that many of the medical astrologers of the 19th and early 20th centuries were homeopaths, but we don’t know much about their actual practice. In this cd, Lee reviews material from three languages on cell salts, and other homeopathic substances, comparing the rulerships assigned between authors, and presenting some of her own research into this subject.

27 The Void-of-Course Moon: How did the ancients view the void-of-course Moon? Did they consider it to be as bad as some modern astrologers see it? How did it rate as an affliction of the Moon?

28 25 Job Horaries: Done in the same format as Lee’s earlier 25 Relationship Horaries, this cd takes you through the logic of doing job horaries, with plenty of examples to study.

29 The Moon in Diet Electionals: Just how important is the position of the Moon in diet electionals? What are the rules that you have to follow, and which are safe to ignore?

30 The Aries Ingress: How was the Aries Ingress interpreted in mundane astrology? How can it be used for predicting the outcome of the Spring season (or the year), and how much difference is there in the chart done for differnet world capitals?

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31: Hyleg Variations: The Hyleg has been computed since at least Ptolemy, yet many different methods have been used in its computation, and different assumptions about vitality underly thse different methods. In this cd, Lee compares three different methods, and examines their underpinnings and assumptions, as well as their application in charts.

32: Lilly’s Ruler of the Geniture: The Ruler of the Geniture is supposed to be important, but what is it really, and how is it calculated? Lee examines several methods of calculation, and how it can be interpreted in the chart.

33: Five Years, One Chart: The title for this cd came from a martial arts reference, to the idea that one form could be studied intensively for years, instead of the usual pattern of studying one for a shorter period, and then moving on to the next. Lee explores this idea of mastery through minimalism by exploring only one nativity through many different facets.

34: The Bendings and the Nodal Cycle: One of Lee’s personal break-through ideas in the modern interpretation of classical astrology came through the study and appreciation of the Bendings – the points square the Nodes. Here, Lee shares some of the ideas she has had about these points since her ground-breaking work in Classical Astrology for Modern Living..

35: The Bendings in Horary: This cd pairs with LwL34, and here Lee takes the idea of the Bendings and applies them to horary charts.

36. US Presidential Elections: In this cd, which introduces the new movie version format for the Learning with Lee series, Lee introduces her method for predicting the outcome of presidential and congressional elections. In this cd, Lee goes through the charts that she summarizes on YouTube, showing not only how the model predicts in 2008, but how it has worked historically.

37. Classical Aspect Theory: Lee introduces the theory of aspects, showing how Ptolemy gave the derivation from musical theory, and how this used Greek sacred number theory.. Lee discusses the impact of whole sign aspect theory, and how this affects the interpretation of aspects, and how this system is only one stream in what becomes the Arabic and Medieval system of aspects. The qualities that were used in the logical derivation of aspect qualities is discussed. This is the first in a series on aspects.

38. Classical Aspect Theory Applied Lee extends the Hellenistic theory of aspects into Medieval astrology, introducing orbs, moieties, the almuten of the aspect, and how these ideas can be applied through a study of Sun-Mars aspects

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Learning with Lee Instructional cd’s – Multiple cd Rates

Combining the advantages of audio and video tapes as well as written material and images, these look and listen cd ‘s now bring to your desktop the hot topics in Classical astrology, allowing you to learn from scratch – or review those topics that you have already covered. All you need is a web browser to take advantage of this learning system. You can choose your sequence, which is especially handy for review purposes.

Take advantage of the volume discounts here, or purchase the CDs on an individual basis here.

Special Classical Concepts Pack: Take the plunge into some of the most important applications of classical astrology with this pack. This special price applies to the following cds:

  • 1. Essential Dignities
  • 7. Rendering
  • 8. Soul Significator
  • 11. Apoklima: The Technique You Already Know
  • 32. Lilly’s Ruler of the Nativity
  • 34. The Bendings

Price: $58.00 – please order below

Special Houses Pack: The houses work somewhat differently in classical than in modern. These cd’s capture this changed flavor.This special price applies to the following cds:

  • 13. When the Houses Changed
  • 15. The 11th House
  • 16. The Afflicted 7th House
  • 23. Angularity

Price: $48.00 – please order below

Special Medical Pack: Take advantage of the savings and purchase Lee’s Medical pack of cd’s! This special price applies to the following five cds:

  • 12. 5th House in Medical Astrology
  • 17. Avicenna on Temperaments
  • 18. Avicenna Applied
  • 26. Homeopathy and Astrology
  • 29. The Moon in Diet Electionals

Price: $58.00 – please order below

Special Mundane Pack: Take advantage of the savings and purchase Lee’s Mundane pack of cd’s! This special price applies to the following five cds:

  • 9. The Annotated Edlin Mars-Saturn I
  • 10.The Annotated Edlin Mars-Saturn II
  • 20. Mundane Directions. Sibly Chart
  • 21. Conflict
  • 30. The Aries Ingress

Price: $58.00 – please order below

Special Aspects Pack: The houses work somewhat differently in classical than in modern. These cd’s capture this changed flavor.This special price applies to the following cds:

  • 37. Classical Aspect Theory
  • 38. Classical Aspect Theory Applied
  • 39. Hard Aspects to Benefics; Soft Aspects to Malefics

Price: $36.00 – please order below

Year One Learning with Lee: Get the beginning set of Lee’s teaching cds, with the following topics:

1. Essential Dignities
2. Lifetime Financial planning
3. 25 Relationship Horaries
4. Pluto: The Moment of Truth
5. Solar Returns
6. The Logic of Electional
7. Rendering
8. Signifier of Spirit
9. Annotated Edlin Part 1
10. Annotated Edlin Part 2
11. Apoklima
12. 5th House in Medical Astrology

Price: $110.00 – please order below

Year Two Learning with Lee: The adventure continues, with these twelve topics:

13. When the Houses Changed
14. Relative Speed of the Planets
15. The Eleventh House
16. The Afflicted 7th House
17. Avicenna on Temperaments
18. Avicenna Applied
19. When Zodiacs Collide
20. Mundane Directions. Sibly Chart 21. Conflict
22. The Gift of Nature
23. Angularity
24. Cadent Houses in Horary

Price: $110.00 – please order below

Year Three Learning with Lee: The adventure concludes, with these twelve topics:

flect the clarity in the actual presentations

25. Uranus and Modern Rulerships
26. Homeopathy and Astrology
27. The Void-of-Course Moon
28. 25 Job Horaries
29. The Moon in Diet Electionals
30. The Aries Ingress
31. Hyleg Variations
32. Lilly’s Ruler of the Geniture
33. Five Years, One Chart
34. The Bendings & the Nodal Cycle
35. The Bendings in Horary
36. US Presidential Elections

Price: $110.00 – please order below

Any Twelve cds: Take advantage of the savings and purchase any twelve of Lee’s cd’s. Mix and match: just let us know what your selections are!

Price: $120.00 – please order below

Any Six cds: Take advantage of the savings and purchase any six of Lee’s cd’s. Mix and match: just let us know what your selections are!

Price: $70.00 – please order below

Any Four cds: Take advantage of the savings and purchase any four of Lee’s cd’s. Mix and match: just let us know what your selections are!

Price: $50.00 – please order below

Any Three cds: Take advantage of the savings and purchase any three of Lee’s cd’s. Mix and match: just let us know what your selections are!

Price: $38.00 – please order below

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Multiple discounted prices

Multiple discounted prices


Learning with Lee: What is it?

Studies have shown that students grasp concepts more quickly when the study material utilizes more than one of the five senses. In order to move ahead with classical – as well as general astrological education, Lee has produced a series of instructional cd ‘s for self study..

Combining the advantages of audio and video tapes as well as written material and images, these look and listen cd ‘s now bring to your desktop the hot topics in Classical astrology, allowing you to learn from scratch – or review those topics that you have already covered. All you need is a Windows web browser (such as Netscape, Opera or Internet Explorer) to take advantage of this new learning system. The design of the cd uses the “frame” method, which shows you an outline of the pages on the left side of your browser screen, giving you an easy way to maneuver, and pick and choose your sequence, which is especially handy for review purposes.

Individual cd’s cost $15 each, $12.50 each for 3; $10 each for 12, plus shipping. Note: If you order one or more cd’s, and then want to order more, you can get the discount representing the combined total with the cd’s you already ordered if you contact me within 30 days of your initial purchase.