The Perennial Herbal

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Have you begun to explore the astrological rulerships of plants?Chances are, you’ve seen them mentioned in works on medical botany or in lists of rulerships. If you’ve read Lilly, or Bonatti, you’ve seen attributions of plant rulerships. When Lee Lehman was compiling The Book of Rulerships, she didn’t stop there. Lee has a PhD in botany, and so immediately, she was interested in extending the database of rulerships into other realms. The Perennial Herbal is the fruit of that work – a project of over twenty years.
Lee has created a guide to the plants referenced by classical astrological works, including information about how both ancient and modern sources have used these plants – traditionally and homeopathically. This work contains a glossary of medical botanical terms.
But why the name Perennial Herbal? Because Lee will probably not the done with this work for a long time! She wanted a reference that she could continue to update, and where her readers would not get stuck in old editions. So the Perennial herbal lives on the web – you subscribe once, and continue to have access to the latest information. How cool is that?
On the site of the Perennial Herbal, there are some articles that you can view for free. Subscribers have access to the complete blog, and to all the reference material there. To go to the site, click here.

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