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Quadrivium Oils
Quadrivium Oils

You’ve had your horary or electional reading, and the results were, well, maybe not what you expected. Maybe you’re unsure what to do, or maybe it’s just plain complicated. Maybe an astrological electional isn’t the right next step, or maybe you’re not even sure what you could elect. Here’s another option: magical oils.

You can anoint candles with the oil, you can wear the oils, you can get creative with the oils, but they are an easy way of working with your intentions. Lee has personally used these oils for a number of years. Below is a brief listing of the oils and what they are for. There are two types of oils: regular oils, and electional oils. The electional oils (E) are created at an astrologically propitious time; the regular oils (R) are not. Each oil comes in a 2 dram bottle, and the shipping charges reflect extra packaging to allow you to get your oil intact. You can use the Paypal buttons below to purchase them.

Oil R/E Use
Banishing E In terms of oils that help you rid yourself of something unwanted, Banishing
is the strongest oil that Quadrivium produces.
Crown of Success R It’s made up of herbs and oils that have been used by traditional
magical practitioners throughout history to promote clear communication,
financial gain, luck, protection and the domination and control of others
Cut and Clear E Supports the user in eliminating unwanted people, habits, and situations
in their life.
Drive Away E Essential oils and herbs long used by magical practitioners to rid themselves
of unwanted people, influences, and relationships.
Fortune and Favor R This is an oil designed to assist the user in beginning projects that
will be finished, achieving long-term goals, and providing focus and energy
to the tasks at hand.
Get A Job R It can be used either by those who are unemployed and wish to find work,
or by those who have a job but wish for a promotion, those worried about
secure employment, or seeking to extend a temporary contract.
Kiss Me Quick R Intended to assist the user in obtaining the romantic attentions of a
selected partner.
Love Drawing R For those who want to attract a new lover into their life.
Money Drawing R Used to attract income from any available source for the user.
Pay Up! R Draws in that which is owed to you.
Peaceful Home R For those who wish for calm, tranquility and harmony in their home.
Reconciliation E For those seeking to end a dispute, a fight, or an estrangement, especially
with a lover.
Red Fast Luck E Made from a formula given by Zora Neale Hurston in “Mules and Men,”
her classic collection of African American folktales and hoodoo.
Road Opening R A powerful oil used to “open the way” between you and your goals.
Stop Gossip E Used to prevent backbiting, end malicious gossip, and protect the user
from the effects of both.
Truth Be Told R An oil used to obtain the truth.
Van Van R It is a classic Southern hoodoo oil that can be used to repel negativity,
turn back jinxes, cleanse a space or ritual items, and attract prosperity.

And one more thing – in Lee’s book, Magic of Electional Astrology, Lee discusses the quick & dirty electional, which is a much quicker and easier election to set up – but not as powerful as a full election. If you are unsure when to use an oil, you can have Lee set up a mini-electional for its use. You will need to tell her your plan of what to use the oil for, and the time frames in which you could use the oil.

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