Learning Classical Horary Astrology: Notes and Workbook

The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002) was the culmination of over fourteen years of studying, teaching, and practicing classical horary astrology. Now, Lee presents more: not an update, but an addition. Call it Part 2. In this work, Lee adds the sources that have become available since Martial Art, and discusses how to integrate them into practice. And this is a working volume: not only does Lee discuss authors such as Māshā’allāh, ibn Ezra, Bonatti, and Lilly, she cross references where multiple translations are available, and demonstrates their methods in actual horaries, she discusses variations in their methods, again using actual examples, whether discussions of Lilly’s horary examples, or charts from her practice. Then, there are example horaries for the reader to study, with answers given in the back.

Table of Contents
Primary Reference Works Annotated
Part One. The Building Blocks of Classical (Horary) Astrology
Part Two. The Mechanics of Horary Moments and Horary Interpretation
The Usual Suspects
Parting Shots
Part 3: Relationships
Part 4: Buy and Sell; Relocation
Part 5: Jobs
Part 6: Business/Investment
Part 7: Medical
Part 8: Lost People/Objects
Part 9: Rumors, Bargains(?) and Lies
Appendix A: Blog Post
Answers to the Chart Examples

Note: this is not a comprehensive teaching text for introductory horary. This book assumes basic knowledge which is intermediate in nature. It would be best read after either Martial Art, or following a comprehensive horary instruction course, such as the School of Traditional Astrology’s Practitioner Level Horary Course.

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