Learning Classical Horary Astrology: Notes and Workbook

The Martial Art of Horary Astrology (2002) was the culmination of over fourteen years of studying, teaching, and practicing classical horary astrology. Now, Lee presents more: not an update, but an addition. Call it Part 2. In this work, Lee adds the sources that have become available since Martial Art, and discusses how to integrate them into practice. And this is a working volume: not only does Lee discuss authors such as Māshā’allāh, ibn Ezra, Bonatti, and Lilly, she cross references where multiple translations are available, and demonstrates their methods in actual horaries, she discusses variations in their methods, again using actual examples, whether discussions of Lilly’s horary examples, or charts from her practice. Then, there are example horaries for the reader to study, with answers given in the back.

Table of Contents
Primary Reference Works Annotated
Part One. The Building Blocks of Classical (Horary) Astrology
Part Two. The Mechanics of Horary Moments and Horary Interpretation
The Usual Suspects
Parting Shots
Part 3: Relationships
Part 4: Buy and Sell; Relocation
Part 5: Jobs
Part 6: Business/Investment
Part 7: Medical
Part 8: Lost People/Objects
Part 9: Rumors, Bargains(?) and Lies
Appendix A: Blog Post
Answers to the Chart Examples

Note: this is not a comprehensive teaching text for introductory horary. This book assumes basic knowledge which is intermediate in nature. It would be best read after either Martial Art, or following a comprehensive horary instruction course, such as the School of Traditional Astrology’s Practitioner Level Horary Course.

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STA Horary Conversion Course for Lee’s Students: 19-20 August 2017

This class is the first horary conversion course for Lee’s students to receive the STA Horary Practitioners Diploma. There will be several courses targeted to the intensity of the horary training that Lee has given. This first course will be open to Lee’s students from the following classes:
  • CSH graduates
  • Kepler College academic program 322 students
  • Avalon School students who completed the horary assignments
  • 2013 Master Class students
  • Atlanta group
  • Boston group
  • San Francisco group
  • Amsterdam group
  • Avalon horary course students

The course will be approximately twelve hours of online instruction spread out over two weekend days. You will receive two written coursebooks: the STA Practitioner’s Level Course Notes that every STA student receives, and Lee’s workbook, Learning Classical Horary Astrology. These two references together provide you with an unprecedented amount of material which, combined with Lee’s book, Martial Art of Horary Astrology, should move you well along in your horary studies.

The twelve hours of online instruction will cover those portions of the STA course that do not overlap with Lee’s typical horary teaching, and also allow for some review time as well. At the end of the source, you will receive your STA Diploma.

And: we’ll even talk about The Eclipse!

Cost: $250

Register for the course here:

How similar are the CSH and STA horary courses?

The courses are about a 60-70% overlap in content with a 95% agreement in method. What this means is: Deborah Houlding and I took different approaches to setting up the course. We have emphasized somewhat different information as the “theory” part of the instruction. But once we get round to interpreting charts, there are few disagreements, although there are occasional differences of emphasis. And this should not be a surprise, because we really do share a lineage.

NCGR San Francisco



January 21, 2017
Wealth: The 2nd House & Lifetime Financial Planning
Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Wealth: The 2nd House & Lifetime Financial Planning: Classical astrology has specific methods to examine how matters of a house change over time. This workshop considers one of the most practical applications: how to use this technique to develop a lifetime financial plan. We shall use concepts provided by ibn Ezra to begin the process of understanding the wealth potential of the nativity, and then consider methods to further isolate the best times to create and maintain substance.


NCGR Sacramento

Lecture and Workshop


January 22, 2017

Lecture: 10 a.m – 12 noon
Wealth: The 2nd House & Lifetime Financial Planning
Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Crash Course in Electional Astrology



Wealth: The 2nd House & Lifetime Financial Planning

Classical astrology has specific methods to examine how matters of a house change over time. This lecture considers one of the most practical applications: how to use this technique to develop a lifetime financial plan.


Crash Course in Electional Astrology

Learning the traditional rules of electional astrology can be a lengthy process, in part because most works assume that the electional astrologer has already mastered horary. However, there are a small number of very direct techniques which can be used for perhaps 70% of all electionals, from a job interview, to making phone calls for gain, for timing presentations or rituals, to incorporating a business. The more conventional electional should be used for surgery or other dangerous procedures, or long-lasting electional like marriage. The great advantage of this quicker electional system is that, not only can it be learned through a simple series of procedures, but it does not require delpt knowledge of traditional astrology in order to apply it.


ISAR Post-Conference: Astrology and Self Care

ISAR POST SYMPOSIUM WORKSHOPS:  Monday, October 17th   10:00 – 2:00 PM

Astrology and Self Care


Lee Lehman:  Emerald #1

Astrology and Self Care

Today, as we have recovered more of the historical works in our own field, we now have the background to combine these ancient medical ideas with astrology to design for  wellness and stress reduction. The elements can be combined with astrological herbalism to help us explore lifestyle choices. We will explore methods for stress reduction, and  also integrate interior toxicity considerations based on their astrological temperaments. Living well means living smart.

I am especially eager to present this workshop, because it introduces material from my upcoming STA Medical Astrology course.

10th Annual Astrology Student Conference – London School of Astrology (Covent Gardens)

Sunday 4 June 2017

Practical Tips for Picking Times for         
        Surgery Dr Lee Lehman
It’s more than the sign of the Moon! This talk will present
principles and techniques that you can use to pick the best
dates for surgery and other medical procedures. Lee will
introduce the most important considerations and how to
achieve the most successful election in the time period that
you have to work with.

URL: http://astroconference.com/

Midwest School of Astrology Horary/Medical Course

Cincinnati. OH & Online: 3-5 March 2017

Medical & Horary Weekend


Basic Medical and Horary Astrology: Level  II

The purpose of this class is to:

  • Provide the student with the tools to answer a series of common questions that routinely occur in an astrological practice
  • Introduce the student to the medical theories common when medical astrology was developed
  • Introduce practical applications to show the student how astrological methods can act as an adjunct to the client’s concerns about medical questions, practices, and timing.

Please note: this course is open to people who are not enrolled in the Midwest School of Astrology, who want to take advantage of this material. Lee only presents this material in this depth live in two locations: Cincinnati and Amsterdam. The course design has about double the coverage of a typical weekend workshop. Please contact the Midwest School of Astrology to register for these unique events.

Midwest School of Astrology Classical Methods Weekend

Cincinnati & Online: 21-23 April 2017


Classical Methods Weekend: Level  I

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Present an overview of classical method, and how its precepts differ from modern astrology
  • Provide an introduction to the traditional concept of essential dignities
  • Introduce the use of accidental fortitudes
  • Explain the classical interpretation of the synodic cycle
  • Explain and provide practical instruction in the use of particular classical techniques that provide information about the Native not normally accessible in a modern context.

Please note: this course is open to people who are not enrolled in the Midwest School of Astrology, who want to take advantage of this material.  The course design has about double the coverage of a typical weekend workshop. Please contact the Midwest School of Astrology to register for these unique events.

School of Traditional Astrology Practitioner’s Level Horary Course

Lee now teaches horary astrology through the STA.

STA Horary Course - New York City 10-14 April 2017
STA Horary Course – New York City 10-14 April 2017

Lee will shortly announce courses for her CSH students and former Kepler College students to obtain the STA certificate.

The STA’s uniquely structured horary course is suitable for any astrologer with a secure understanding of basic astrological principles and experience of drawing up and interpreting charts. Previous experience in horary is not necessary – the course provides a full theoretical overview of the subject and highlights the most useful and reliable principles of judgement. In addition to showing how to most-effectively draw out the meaning of a chart, it also focusses on preparing astrologers for the sensitive issues that arise within the horary consultation process.

The course offers a practitioner level of certification, and by the end of the course any astrologer who is already capable of offering a professional astrology service will be ready to begin offering horary to clients. The course is also a requisite qualification for anyone wishing to undertake the advanced level of study and tutorial mentorship offered in the STA Masters-Level Horary Course.

The course explores the methodology, theory, history and practical application of horary technique, and places its emphasis on learning through typical client-scenarios, with consideration also given to informative historical examples. Although traditional techniques lie at the heart of the study, the course is geared towards the consulting needs of the modern horary astrologer and a wide range of typical (and unusual) horary queries are covered (including lost items/missing pets and people, relationships/emotional dilemmas, property/career/financial concerns).

Study groups are kept small to ensure plenty of individual attention, and lessons take the form of tutorials with follow-up discussion and practice scenarios. In these, students are guided towards developing refined focus, and taught the most efficient way to extract the pertinent details of the astrological symbolism. Each lesson allows the opportunity to explore and consolidate what is being taught through a selection of various chart examples, and the course is designed to offer an accumulated knowledge of traditional doctrines in a balanced way, so that theoretical principles enlighten and facilitate (rather than overwhelm) the creative aspect of horary interpretation.

Lee’s course graduates also get an online opportunity to study the differences between the old course and the new one here: