Lee’s Schedule

Besides her classical studies courses, Lee teaches regularly at:

School of Traditional Astrology (classes in various locations): horary and medical: http://sta.co/index.html

Midwest School of Astrology (Cincinnati, OH and on-line): classical and horary/medical: http://midwestschoolofastrology.com/

Lee is one of two active instructors in the STA Horary Masters Course, which is open to STA Horary Practitioner graduates.

22 June 2019: fifteen week STA Horary Practitioner online course begins (Lee is one of the tutors)

Lee will begin teaching the STA Medical Masters program on 3 August 2019. This unique course requires completion of the STA Medical Practitioners Course, and represents the most advanced teaching currently available in the historical practice of medical astrology.

13-16 June 2019 Wyboston Lakes, UK: The Annual Astrological Association Conference. Representing the STA: The Impact of the Jupiter–Saturn Mutations on the Generations that Experience It. Almost every change in the element in which the Jupiter- Saturn conjunction occurs is followed by at least one conjunction in the prior element. In this talk Lee examines the consequences of our emergence from the earth element to the air element in 2020, and what changes this will produce.

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