Lee’s Schedule

Besides her classical studies courses, Lee teaches regularly at:

School of Traditional Astrology (classes in various locations): horary and medical: http://sta.co/index.html

The STA Medical Masters program is now accepting applications. This unique course requires completion of the STA Medical Practitioners Course, and represents the most advanced teaching currently available in the historical practice of medical astrology.

Next STA courses:


Starting 14 March 2021: time focus is on Asia and Western Americas

Starting 17 July 2021: time focus is on Americas-Europe


Starting 24 April 2021: time focus on America-Europe


Other Appearances:

7 November 2020 12:00 – 3:00 pm EST ISAR Intensives: Lifetime Financial Planning from the Nativity. In this intensive, we will examine the methods of ibn Ezra for spiltting up a topic in the nativity into three lifetime periods.

6 December 2020: OPA talks: Transition to Air. Get details here.

28-29 March 2021: Save the dates for a weekend with Philly-NCGR.

22-27 April 2021: OPA Virtual Conference: Astrology and the Great Awakening. Lee will be teaching a three-day track immersion: Electional Astrology – Integrating the Personal with the Universal, and a lecture:The Yardsticks of Change: Combining Different-length Mundane Cycles To Study Pandemics and Climate Change

Summer 2021: the ISAR Conference. Click here for emerging details.

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