Lee’s Schedule

Besides her classical studies courses, Lee teaches regularly at:

School of Traditional Astrology (classes in various locations): horary and medical: http://sta.co/index.html

The STA Medical Masters program is now accepting applications. This unique course requires completion of the STA Medical Practitioners Course, and represents the most advanced teaching currently available in the historical practice of medical astrology.

Next STA courses:


Starting 5 Sept 2021: time focus is on Australia, Asia, and Western Americas



Starting 31 July 2021: time focus on America-Europe.

Starting 16 Jan 2022: time focus on America-Europe.

Watch for April 2022: time focus on Asia and Australia. Come back for details.

Other Appearances:

30 October 2021: Astrological Association conference – online track. An Advance Look at Pluto in Aquarius.

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