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Lee’s Books – personally inscribed

MP3 Recordings

Scientific Instruments The perfect gift for yourself or your astro-buddy. All are working models crafted in brass and other fine materials. We have astrolabes from latitudes 50 (London), 41 (New York and Cincinnati), and 21 (Hong Kong) degrees North. We have compasses that will touch your Feng Shui soul.

Learning With Lee Educational Software

Lee’s Perennial Herbal Web Subscription gives you an amazing herbal reference – a perennial subscription for a single price: no renewals!

Lehman Associates brings you the best astrological software from around the world.

Cosmic Patterns – Features an entire line of software, from Pegasus for beginners, the Kepler 7.0 for intermediate to advanced students and professionals who only use modern techniques, to Sirius for professionals and the technically obsessed. There is only a minimal cost to upgrade from one product to the next higher in the series.

Esoteric Technologies – brought to you by the people who wrote Solar Fire, Solar Writer, Imperial Astrologer and their other products enhance the power of Solar Fire, or run as stand-alone products.